All Stars Foundation is a non-profit organisation aimed to make a difference in lives of ambitious sportsmen. This organization is driven by a mission to provide a holistic development in the field of sports by contributing towards the objectives outlined below. All Stars Foundation firmly believes in establishing sports as a rewarding opportunity for individuals, corporate, government, public and India so that athletes who are working to achieve their potential can inspire countless others to strive for excellence.


Hence, apart from our all other works, Playing sports also plays a very important role in our life. Playing games helps us in boosting our immune system. As in today's world mostly work is done while just sitting and using the screen. The increase of the IT world has rapidly increased the screen time of the people too. All the work is just a click away now. But due to this people our forgetting about their health. So, Our foundation has every possible way to help people led a healthy life. According to people interests all the possible classes, games,etc are provided to refresh their mind from their regular life. All Stars Foundation basically aims at raising funds for the enthusiastic, hardworking and capable people who are really determined and crazy about the sports but don't have enough resources to fulfill their dream. Our Foundation works on finding such talents in all the nearby area, search for their talent and then bring the best out of them in the particular field in which they are interested so that they can focus more on their work and build their future in their interested field.



Due to the people support and imense love our foundation is doing really great and achieving heights. We have really come a long way in these 3 years. Because of people hardwork only we are able to manage the position of our foundation. The Government is also supporting us in raising the hidden talents of the country in the field of sports. Looking forward to many more achievements.